About the artist

Jane Masojada is a contemporary figurative artist specialising in portraiture.  The colours and light of her early years growing up in South Africa feature in her paintings as does the analytical nature of her scientific background.  Jane's aim is to describe what she sees in paint, whether that is the reality of the human presence in the form of a portrait or life study, a landscape or any natural form.  Jane's undergraduate degree in Botany and Zoology underpins her understanding of anatomy and the patterns occurring in nature.  Her work is an incisive language of drawing and painting based on intense observation in which she describes  the angles and planes of a surface and how the play of light defines them, whilst simultaneously capturing the essence of her subjects in paint.  Her paintings capture a moment frozen in time as well as a narrative, a history and a life story combined into a two dimensional form in paint on a canvas.

Prizes and exhibitions :-

2016 - 2nd prize in The Sir Philip Trousell Prize for portraiture.

2017 - The Royal Society of Portrait painters annual exhibition at The Mall Galleries, London.

2017 - Contemporary Portrait Diploma graduate show,   The Art Academy, London.

2018 - Artist in residence at The Masterworks Gallery, Bermuda with a solo show titled "The People of Bermuda", May - July

2018 - September - Charity Auction in Aid of Disaster Relief in Guatemala - Painting auctioned off.

2018 - November - Charity Exhibition in aid of breast cancer.